[TRUE STORY!!] Read the touching testimonial of a young mother of two’s discovery of a natural remedy that finally set her free from over 22 years asthma challenge
I have been having asthma for years and have discovered many wonderful remedy over the years.
This is really the best place to get the natural treatment for asthma
Read my true life story below:
I had childhood asthma that went away around the age of 10-12. 

 I always had rescue inhalers and had about one asthma attack per year usually from exposure to animal dander but I didn’t consider it a problem.

 When I was pregnant with my daughter at the age of  29  the asthma came back full force.

 I figured it was just a symptom of pregnancy and would go away. 
 When my daughter was born the asthma actually got worse and my health care professional put me on the daily prevention inhaler as well as my rescue inhaler.
 I’ve never been one to take medications not even any recommendations for headaches because I got advice from my Nutritionist first and follow the advice given to me.

I’m posting this because I have tried many of the remedy for asthma  and nothing worked, but I’ve finally been asthma free for 2 weeks by starting the Asthma Natural Super 4 Therapy
  When I asked my health care specialist why my asthma would get worse during pregnancy and after the birth and then a LONG time after birth as well he just said “pregnancy does weird things to your body”. 
It made me so angry that he wouldn’t even test my hormone and thyroid levels at that point knowing that I had a pregnancy (or hormonal) related issue. 
I have symptoms of hyper and hypothyroidism but I don’t fit into either category.
From the first or second week that I started the  Asthma Natural Super 4 Therapy
 I didn’t need either of my inhalers anymore.
 I still get a bit of tightness in my chest but not enough to take my rescue inhaler.
 I’m shocked sometimes when I take a deep breath expecting lots of wheezing but all I get is a huge amount of air!
If you want to try this I would suggest that you give the  Asthma Natural Super 4 Therapy a trial because it is a very specific amount of certain supplements being Licorice, Selenium, Vit C,Aloe Gel and Magnesium and you slowly increase your dosage of the Therapy  because it will reduce your asthma attack tremendously
I know this is a long post but I hope this info helps even just one person who is suffering from asthma.


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